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Outreach Fair at IAVCEI's 2023 Scientific Assembly

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

We are super excited to be supporting the efforts to hold an outreach far at the IAVCEI 2023 Scientific Assembly in Rotorua.

What is an outreach fair?

During the Scientific Assembly, we have been provided space to set up a room that will look a bit like a science fair. Outreach providers will be allocated space to set up their favourite outreach demo so that others can interact with it and find some new demonstrations to use in their own work. Just like an AGU poster walk, at a designated time, the providers will visit the other stations as a group to hear a quick lightening talk about each demo.


We invite anyone attending the conferences who provides educational earth science outreach to contribute a demonstration. To help others incorporate the demonstration into their practice, we request that you fill out a template (below). We will collate these and turn them into a booklet that can be shared with people coming through the fair. To submit your completed template, please email it to Dr Sophia Tsang (s[dot]

Outreach providers:

This is not a convened session. Therefore, submitting your completed template is not considered an abstract. Correspondingly, there is no fee for participating in the outreach fair. Submitting your template will be taken as acceptance that your template will be publicly shared.


Do you want to come get new ideas about earth science demonstrations outreach providers from around the world are using? Come join us! Entry to the outreach fair is free. In addition, we are offering a professional learning and development session facilitated by local scientists and Mike Stone in the morning. If you want even more, join us the weekend before the conference for a workshop about "Effective practices in the learning and teaching of volcanology: from the classroom to the field."

Template: (download here)

Connection to the IAVCEI conference:

The outreach fair will be part of Volcanofest. What's Volcanofest? From the conference organisers:

We want you to get all excited about the Volcanofest program that we are bringing together to make IAVCEI 2023 Rotorua as epic as possible. The idea is that Volcanofest will run all week, right next to the venue, and will be a place where we can all enjoy volcano related fun. It will take place in a large sports dome aka the “Magma Dome” which will be sectioned off into 3 areas: (1) outreach activities, local school kids and teachers will be invited; (2) art, film, drinks, music, table tennis, pool table, table football; and (3) sports- indoor football/basketball. Importantly it will be the place to party ! Please email if you want to be involved and/or go to

Questions about the outreach fair?

Email Dr Sophia Tsang (s[dot] who is coordinating the outreach fair! She'd love to hear from you!

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