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Virtual School Visits

Sadly, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we weren't able to make it up for our visits to Paura Bay and Whāngarei Heads Schools in person. We did the next best thing, though, and used Zoom.

Due to last week's tsunami warnings, tsunamis were a perfect discussion topic! Instead of the activities we planned on, we discussed the events of the week. As scientists who are trying to produce work that communities will use, it is really important that we know how families and individuals respond to potential threats. While some times we hear from adults, kids often have a different understanding and reaction to events. We definitely want to hear their perspectives too! These virtual interactions not only let us hear about how families reacted according to their kids but also gave us a chance to answer student questions about tsunamis. We hope our answers gave you a bit more confidence about what to do in future tsunami.

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