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Sneak Peek: Workshops at Central Northland Science Fair

In just a few weeks, the Central Northland Science Fair is scheduled to take place in Whāngarei. Are your projects almost ready? We have a group of scientists scheduled to come north and see what you are working on! Not only will we be judging your science fair projects, but we will also be offering workshops about earthquakes and tsunami for your class as our colleagues judge your projects.

So what do we have in store for you? It depends a little bit on what your teacher is teaching at the moment or would like us to introduce, but our topics include how to build Rū seismometers and how seismometers work through to how earthquakes cause tsunami and why we even have earthquakes in the first place. We have lots of hands on demonstrations for you to try with your friends, and we have several mini competitions. Come by and see if you can make the largest earthquake or create the tallest building to survive the largest earthquake we think Wellington might experience in the future. We're looking forward to seeing if you can beat us!

Finally, the week will end with prize giving, and we are really excited to be sponsoring a prize! Our prize will be given to the project that best incorporates te ao Māori into it. It will be offered at multiple age levels, so if you are incorporating mātauranga Māori or kaupapa Māori in your project, make sure you have your project considered in our prize. We'll be going to Manea Footsteps of Kupe for an overnight trip!

See you soon! Time to get those last details included in your project!

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