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In-person Sea Week

Our first interactions during Sea Week may have been forced online due to COVID, but we are so excited our second trip didn't get cancelled!

R-CET scientists had a lot of fun visiting classes. We played games to demonstrate how waves change as they encounter different topographies on the ocean bottom. Changes in the bottom of the ocean are why tsunami can barely be seen in the open ocean but cause huge waves in coastal areas. We also had some whole class demonstrations to show how we use seismometers to determine where earthquakes occurred. We don't often get a chance to run demonstrations with so many people!

As we planned, we had lots of other ideas to show you some additional ways waves are cool. Some of them included magnetic shards, large speakers, and even pools! Have we intrigued you? Invite us to come present at your school while your pool is open!

We also took advantage of being in Tai Tokerau to give a talk in the evening. Dr Emily Lane spoke about "Tsunamis in New Zealand", featuring some of her field photos after the tsunami generated by the Kaikoura earthquake in 2016.

We're looking forward to a repeat visit again soon (COVID permitting, of course)!

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