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Getting a lay of the land

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Last week, R-CET scientist Sophia Tsang took a trip north to meet with teachers and landowners for potential seismometers around Ngatiwai's rohe. It was a really exciting trip to get a better sense of the tsunami risk in Tai Tokerau and discuss plans for the next few years.

We are really excited to get some Rū seismometers installed in some schools! Several schools along the coast lie close enough to be tsunami evacuation sites. We are working with a few of them to ensure that students attending these schools understand what tsunami are, what causes them, and why it's so important that people join them at school on a few days. We are looking forward to developing and piloting these units of work at school. The first two units will be one term each and will focus on earthquakes and tsunami. Let us know if you want a copy of the materials so that you can run them in your New Zealand Curriculum Level 4 class. We'd love to help tailor the lessons for your class! There are even a few lessons where we will come into your class so that your students can meet scientists.

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